A very innovative clinical trial for brain tumours

This project was selected in the framework of our European call: FIGHT KIDS CANCER 2020. It is jointly financed by Imagine for Margo, Kriibskrank Kanner Fondatioun and KickCancer.

It is thanks to your participation in RUN TO KICK 2020 that this innovative project is funded!

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High-grade glioma (HGG) is one of the most common malignant childhood tumours of the central nervous system (brain tumour).

Standard treatment for HGG consists of surgery when possible and radiotherapy in all cases.

Chemotherapy or other drugs in clinical trials may be added during and/or after radiotherapy depending on HGG subtype. In most cases, after this first-line treatment, the cancer comes back – in some subtypes, 100% children relapse.

This is why this study, called “AsiDNA Children”, is trying a new drug: AsiDNA.

The hypothesis of the “AsiDNA Children” study is that, in children and adolescents with recurrent previously irradiated HGG, this drug in association with radiotherapy will prolong survival and improve patients’ quality of life. It will be given in association with radiotherapy in children and adolescents with recurrent HGG that have previously been treated with radiotherapy, which is a situation where there is no known curative treatment today.

AsiDNA is a new kind of drug that could be effective to treat HGG because its mechanism of action increases the vulnerability of tumour cells to radiotherapy without attacking other healthy parts of the body.

This clinical study will be available in our neighbouring countries. KickCancer is committed to financing the travel costs for all children treated in Belgium if they wish to join the study.

A very innovative clinical trial for brain tumours

  • Financed: 585 000€
    More than 85% of your donations go to financing research and supporting our advocacy work, less than 15% go to administration.
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Countries: France, Italy, Netherlands and Germany
  • Disease: High grade glioma
  • Status: Ongoing

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