Collaboration with the Belgian Society for Paediatric HaematoOncology (BSPHO)

In Belgium, most young patients are treated in the framework of a clinical trial and this as from the diagnosis. These are in most instances late-phase clinical trials.

The protocols for these late-stage clinical trials are designed in the framework of SIOPE’s (Société International d’Oncologie Pédiatrique Europe or the European Society for Paediatric Haemato-Oncology) disease-specific collaborative groups where specialists of one disease meet and jointly define the best treatment strategies for this disease. The clinical trials’ protocols are defined at the European level but the financing of the projects often has to be sought by each participating country or site.

In Belgium, the Belgian Society for Paediatric HaematoOncology (BSPHO) coordinates and initiates the participation of the Belgian centers in international academic clinical trials.

Since 2020, KickCancer has been proudly supporting the BSPHO’s effort to bring those crucial clinical trials in Belgium. This ensures access to the best care for young patients treated in Belgium and a sustained participation of our oncology centers in the European research effort.

In 2021, we have signed a structural collaboration agreement with the BSPHO under which we commit to:

  • Structurally finance the cell in charge of the clinical trials within the BSPHO
  • Select, twice a year, (mainly clinical) research projects in order to finance them.

During our first review meeting in December 2021, we selected the four first research projects. KickCancer commits to finance 740.000€ in 2022, spread over three years for:

Collaboration with the Belgian Society for Paediatric HaematoOncology (BSPHO)

  • Financed: 100 000 euros per year 740 000 euros worth of projects
    More than 85% of your donations go to financing research and supporting our advocacy work, less than 15% go to administration.
  • Duration: Recurring
  • Countries: Belgium
  • Disease: All paediatric cancers
  • Status: Ongoing

Other Projects