think tomato

Because think tomato felt like exercising a bit more by kicking children’s cancer, they have proposed KickCancer a super collaboration and they cooked up the action “EAT YOUR HEART OUT” for you. This will allow you to enjoy their delicious tomato sauce while becoming a famous plastician and contributing to finance research against childhood cancer.

Together, we launched a contest: kids were asked to create the next label for the KickCancer think tomato pots! We received so many beautiful drawings, it was almost impossible to choose... but we found a winner! Check out the "most beautiful tomato sauce pot ever" in our photo gallery!

For every KickCancer think tomato pot 2 euros are also donated to KickCancer. But also with the "regular" pots, 10 cents are donated to KickCancer 😍. We definitely found the most delicious partners on earth 😛

Click here to order the KickCancer think tomato sauce now (or the regular ones!!).

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