Eclair Day

“Be a smart cookie: participate in Eclair Day!”

Saturday November 20th will mark the second Eclair’s Day.

Once a year, gluttony is a good deed: eat a good dessert and give childhood cancer a taste of its own medicine! During a whole day, eclairs will be sold to defeat children’s cancer. How cool is that?

If you are tempted to participate as a baker, you would offer one of your eclairs at a different price than the regular ones (recommended retail price: 3 to 5€). This whole amount will be donated to the KickCancer Foundation.

Bakers offer the ingredients and their workforce, customers pay a little extra… Everyone contributes!

Eclair’s Day offers a wonderful opportunity to show your solidarity with patients and families who were confronted with children’s cancer. It also shows that bakers contribute to making the world a better place.

If you know a baker who could be interested, do not hesitate to contact them! You can download the document below to explain how Eclair Day works.

Pierre Marcolini, Eclair Day’s godfather, invited his friends to support KickCancer and some major names who have already said yes!

Brussels: Pierre Marcolini - Brian Joyeux - Saint-Aulaye - De Baere - Van Dender - Renard...

Flanders: Joost Arijs - Herman Manus - Zuut - Painture - Atelier Lucas...
Wallonia: Ducobu - Darcis - Normandie - Pâtisserie Giot - Carrément Bon...

Discover the 2021 participating bakeries here.

Download our information document on Eclair's Day

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