Bel & Bo

💌 Greeting cards to support children with cancer! ♥️

Belgian fashion brand Bel&Bo supports KickCancer in 2022 with the launch of exclusive and playful end of year greeting cards for KickCancer. The cards are created by Brussels based illustrator Valentine De Cort who twisted three classical Christmas scenes to make you grin. Run to a Bel&Bo store to discover our adventurous granny decorating a Christmas tree and more funny scenes.

Do you want one too? 🙌 Make that 6!!! 🙌
The greeting card come in a set of 6 and you get to chances to get them:

With every Bel&Bo purchase of €39.99 and above (until December 18), the Belgian fashion label will give you the greeting cards as a gift AND Bel&Bo will donate  €0,50 to KickCancer per given set of cards.

You can also buy a pack of 6 cards at a Bel&Bo shop for €5. This amount will be entirely donated to KickCancer and fund research projects on children's cancer! 

Click here to order your set of KickCancer x Bel&Bo greeting cards in the webshop.
Or visit one of the Bel&Bo stores. The greeting cards are still available!

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