MYA-BAY is partnering once again with the Belgian foundation KickCancer, which has the beautiful mission to cure every child with cancer. 100% of the profits from the sale of the GIVE LOVE bracelet will be donated to KickCancer.

"I am so proud to support such a fight! I am particularly moved by the Delphine Heenen’s and her team’s dedication in the fight against childhood cancer. I am happy to contribute to the foundation’s mission thanks to my creations.” - Sophie Johnen, founder of MYA-BAY

"Giving love to your friends, family, loved ones makes the world nicer.But if, on top of that, this gift can help children with cancer by financing research projects to help them cure... it turns into a magical circle! Thank you, MYA-BAY, for this joyful and colourful collaboration, which supports KickCancer over the years.” - Delphine Heenen, founder of KickCancer

Discover the MYA-BAY bracelet here.

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