Mya Bay

MYA BAY launched a collaboration with KickCancer to cure children's cancer.

For this collaboration, Sophie Johnen, the brand's founder, designed a Scottish pattern cloth bracelet where the word "Dream" was engraved in golden letters on blocks.

The limited edition bracelet was sold exclusively on the MYA BAY website from Tuesday October 5th and all profits were returned to KickCancer.

"This project is primarily the beautiful story of the encounter with the KickCancer team. As a young mother, I was touched by the issue of paediatric cancers, which direly need more attention today. It was important for me to support the foundation's actions and help finance research on children's cancer. "Sophie Johnen - Founder of MYA BAY

"Children with cancer hope for a better life with more efficient treatments and need to dream and be flown away from their current situation. MYA BAY alludes to this in a playful way with the beautiful 'Dream' bracelet they designed for KickCancer. We are delighted by this collaboration because it is both light and hopeful as it contributes to fund research projects to improve treatments on childhood cancer." Delphine Heenen

Stay tuned for more projects... in the meantime discover Mya Bay here:

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