Fundraising tips & tricks

You can do it

You really want to participate in RUN TO KICK but are afraid of never succeeding to fundraise €200? This page was WRITTEN for 💥 you 💥. This works for other fundraising occasions too 😉!

Getting started to fundraise is not as difficult as it seems 😉. For those of you who are afraid of asking their friends and family to donate, we have gathered here the best advice from the best world 🌍 experts on fundraising. After such an inspiring read, you will blow up your personal meter for sure!

Donations by message for dummies

Rule #1: remember that you are not asking for money but for a donation… and you are doing this because you want to help finance research to cure children with cancer. Not because you want to buy a jacuzzi.

Rule #2: evenly important. Tell you friends and family that ANY amount donated will make you super happy 🤙

Rule #3: you have to follow the RULES 👩‍⚖️

A nice request follows a very strict protocol that we are about to share with you:

  • Send a personal message (Hello *Jack*).
  • Choose a moment where your prospective donor is least likely to be busy (for young parents: avoid the evening bath time, for grandparents: shoot before their favourite TV show begins)
  • Do not forget to include two key points in your message:
    • A donation of €40 or more will entitle your donor to a tax reduction of 45% of their donation.
    • The urgency: "donate me now because it takes less than 2 minutes! ⏱️ (and than it’s scrapped from your to-do list ✅)"

Daring to go public on social media

If you post your page on social media, don’t hesitate to specifically mention how much funds you still want to raise to achieve your goals. People love challenges! 🥳

DIY hack

If you are REALLY too embarrassed to ask for donations, take the long (indirect) road 🛣️.

A couple of examples:

  • When you organise a dinner 🍝: tell your friends to donate on your page instead of bringing a bottle of wine 😅.
  • If you are a great cook (or not, but keep that to yourself 🤐), bake cakes 🧁 and sell them to your neighbours or school parents, etc.
  • Make your friends’ life easier by proposing to get you a birthday gift you truly long for: a donation on your page 🤩
  • Sell DIY props (bracelets, candles... even if they are ugly 🤣) to your neighbours’ neighbours ✂️
  • Organise a garage or a dressing sale to finance your page 💰
  • Offer your services to wash a car 🚗 or mow the lawn 💪 for someone you know.

Ha and do involve your kids in this endeavour: who on earth would ever refuse such an important plea from your little angel? 👼

You can do this, we believe in you 🫵 !

Thank you ❤️

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