think tomato

Because think tomato felt like exercising a bit more by kicking children’s cancer, they have proposed KickCancer a super collaboration and they cooked up the action “EAT YOUR HEART OUT” for you. This will allow you to enjoy their delicious tomato sauce while becoming a famous plastician and contributing to finance research against childhood cancer.

If you can’t wait to taste their delicious sauce, order some online already! For every think tomato pot 0,10€ are also donated to KickCancer.

Click here to order the think tomato sauce now (besides, you will receive a printed leaflet to participate in the drawing contest with your order!)

The concept of the contest is straightforward: ask your children to create the next label for the think tomato pots! They can do whatever pleases them, the sky is the limit: cutting, gluing, painting… let their creativity find its own way!

On January 4th, think tomato and KickCancer will select their favourite label among all those sent by the artists in the making.

Limited edition think tomato pots will be adorned with the winning label! From February on, these pots will be sold at a special price of 7,45€ out of which 1,60€ will be donated to KickCancer.

Please download the contest leaflet and participate! More practical details about the contest rules on the leaflet.

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